Zero Escape

Zero Time Dilemma (Vita), 100% complete


Finally, the last chapter of the Zero Escape saga. Boy, was it a great a end! They upgraded the graphics to give it a look of Borderlands which really took it to a while new level. It also allowed the game to become a lot more graphic and bloody. 

Since it was the final game in the series, many previous characters returned. Having their timelines finished really gave the game a sense of closure. The premise was still the same as the other games, but the puzzles were easier this time. 

Definitely would suggest it, even if you played the rest of the series. And you can even get all trophies in one playthrough!

Zero Escape

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Vita), 100% complete


Finished this game last week. It was really good. Took some time to get all of the endings, but you can easily achieve a platinum trophy in one playthrough. I did get kind of puzzled out at the end and started relying more on the game guide for the puzzles, but meh…

Since the game links back on itself, it’s extremely difficult to explain without spoiling it. Pretty much you are Sigma, an amnesic who wakes up in an elevator with a weird watch strapped to his wrist. After each puzzle you solve, the characters vote to either ally or betray each other and the groups will reshuffle. If you get 9 points, you can leave; 0 points, you die.

After that, you’re trying to figure who’s trying murder whom and how you ended up like this. Would totally recommend it to visual novel and puzzle game enthusiasts. The graphics are dated and there is strong language and light gore.

Zero Escape

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Vita): 11 hours

2/24 endings, 8% trophies 

No streaming available

Got a To Be Continued on a path because I haven’t found a password yet. In the 2nd end, K decided to be a jerk and left us to die. Other than that, nothing really has happened. It’s difficult to post much about this game because it feels like everything could be a spoiler. Might have to enforce the unicorn rule (if there’s a spoiler, you replace the word with “unicorn”).

Zero Escape

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Vita): 8 hours

1/24 endings, 8% trophies 

No streaming available 

My right wrist is in so much pain right now that the thought of crocheting is in itself torture. So, I’ll game! 

Got a bad ending involving Tenmyouji and Quark. That guy can be a jerk.

What’s really good about this game is the flexibility of the game flow. “Oh, you’re stuck on this path? How about you explore another one while it simmers in your head. Feel free to go back whenever you’re ready, okay?” It’s very relaxing. 

Yes, yes, I haven’t finished Persona 5, yet. Think it’s a combination of having restarted it so many times and oh shiney syndrome. I’ll get back to it. That was the problem before but hopefully was this blog, I can go back and remember what my thought process was like when I was playing it. Remembering how I was approaching a game is the reason why I sometimes stop playing them.

Zero Escape

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Vita): 1 hour

0/24 endings 

It’s been a while since I’ve played games; been working so much on the crochet cuccos for the Linkle cosplay. Did play a bit of Marvel Heroes Omega last week but forgot to post. Was thing of finishing up Corpse Party, but didn’t feel like like figuring out how to transfer the data from Vita to PSTV. (There’s a game night at work tonight.)

Didn’t get too far into the game: tired and was having stomach pains. But 999 was very good, so this seems promising.