South Park

South Park: The Fractured but Whole (PS4, Day Two)

Hi, sorry that I’ve been away for so long. Been DM’ing a tabletop game so working on setting that up. Also have been sick lately.

So, picked up Blue Reflection because it’s like Sailor Moon. It’s pretty fun. Not the best in the world and too much fan service, but Sailor Moon.

Right now, playing the new South Park game. It’s pretty fun and has a good turn based system. But really out there.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age tabletop game, preparing

Haven't been playing much the past few weeks because of trying to get a game setup for the tabletop group. We're running it through Roll20. Almost done, but now adding in stuff that will make running it easier later on.

Guild Wars 2 just announced their Path of Fire expansion. But still have to finish up Living Story Season 3. So, I may just game hop again to get ready for that.

In other news, my living situation has become uncertain, so might not have enough time to game as I get prepared for a possible move. If it does happen, may be afk for a bit while everything settles down.