Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Persona 5 (PS4): 87 hours

8/6-8/19, lvl 46, 51% personas, 36% trophies 

No streaming available 

Finished all available mementos. Went on a trip to Hawaii. Morgana ran away. Met up with Haru. Found out that the next target is on a spaceship with dalek-like guards. Sweet!!! 😍

Phew! That was a lot… 😪

Sorry about not posting lately. Went out with friends a few nights ago and then got violently ill the next day… 🤢 Feeling better now. There are two conventions that I’m trying to go to, but they end up falling on really bad days work-wise. Hopefully, it’ll happen…

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Persona 5 (PS4): 75 hours

8/22-8/27, lvl 42, 41% personas, 33% trophies 

No streaming available 

Everyone’s trying to get Futaba comfortable enough around people so she can go to the beach. You can do it, Futaba-chan! Will she able to dress in the DLC outfits?

Almost maxed out Toranosuke’s confidant. That’ll be 3 then… 😁

In other news, my trophies for DC Universe Online have all disappeared!!! 😱 I also should’ve at least got for becoming a lvl 10 controller yesterday… 😭 So sad… Has this happened to anyone else? How should I fix it: contact Sony or just create a new character?

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Persona 5 (PS4): 74 Hours

8/15-8/22, lvl 42, 41% personas, 33% trophies 

No streaming available

Futaba joined my party and Proficiency is now at rank 4. Whoo hoo!!! And met shougi girl.

What is everyone’s favorite NPCs? I like the little girl with dog, the foreign barker, and the woman who wants to sing. And drunken guy in the alley. Sun King and the guitarist get on my nerves. The guitarist reminds me of Trent from Daria.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Persona 5 (PS4): 72 hours

8/6-8/11, lvl 42, 39% personas, 32% trophies 

No streaming available 

Sorry that it took so long to update. I’ve been taking care of a few background things for this blog and it took longer than expected. And now that they’re done, I’m not sure how to properly incorporate them…

So, got Ann’s confidant all maxed out. Yay! Now, just have to do everyone else. Sigh…

Again, focused on skills and confidants. Haven’t met anyone new, yet. Think I’ll have some time tonight to play.