Diablo III

Diablo III (PS4), seasonal demon hunter, chapter 4

OMG! I have totally forgotten to post!!! Between working on the Dragon Age tabletop and crunching or a seasonal character for Diablo, I just didn’t. That’s so bad of me!!! Sorry!

Well, I’m a paragon 88 seasonal demon hunter. Just have to level 20 greater rift solo and all torment vi stuff and that green dragon is mine!! Really hoping that Blizzard doesn’t end the season before that. 😖


Marvel Heroes Omega (beta, PS4)

Heroes: Squirrel Girl 24, Daredevil 2, Angela 1

Trophies: 4%


Finished up Chapter 2 and started Chapter 3. Almost got one of the crafting researchers to level 5. Still playing Persona but just kinda have a bug for this game right now. Ya know how it is…


Marvel Heroes Omega (beta, PS4)

Heroes: Angela 1, Daredevil 2, Squirrel Girl 17

Trophies: 2%

And we remembered to stream

So got the beta downloaded. It’s a pretty fun game. After you finish the tutorial, you get 575 shards to unlock characters with. So by checking the prices, I was able to get 2 characters. Got to chapter 2 before my hand started hurting (got back into crocheting, so it’s a little stained).

MMOs, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

DC Universe Online (PS4): Lvl 13

Hmmm…I could have streamed that… Oops! 😅

I was planning on doing so housework instead yesterday, but I had injured my hands trying to clean a chair (it was a lot more intense than it sounds). So doing anything that required liquids or lifting was out of the picture.

The MMO of the month amongst my group is DC Universe Online. First played when it came out on the PS3 years ago, and then picked it up for a bit again after the PS4 launched. So, I was kinda rusty when playing. Feel that I got a hang of it by the end of the night. 

I’m playing a speedster archer (Arrowette and Impulse’s daughter, an old fanfic concept). Spent a lot of time in Metropolis, found a deed to a base, and fought in Area 51 and against Swamp Thing. We tried to do a Starro battle but died. A lot. These players kept leaving our group but because no one else was playing the mission they kept being placed back into the group. They were complaining but couldn’t figure out that there only must be 2 groups trying to do the mission. Ha ha! 😂