I’m a huge gamer but also an adult. Always joke that an adult gamer is one who owns more unplayed games than played. Lol! So there are four shelves of physical games that haven’t even been played any further than an hour or so and tons of digital ones in the ether (Shout out to PS+!). It’s kinda sad, really.

A little over a year ago, I tried to commit suicide. My depression had got really bad and too many things had happened within a short period of time that just caused me to snap. Everything is much more manageable now: Changed jobs, stopped being around people who only used me, etc. etc. Had a few hiccups but we’re feeling better now and tons more relaxed. 

In the past, I tried to not play games to focus on more adulting things: cleaning, other hobbies. But that just ended up with me being more stressed out if things didn’t get done or something. Last month I was just lying on the couch and said, “Fuck it! Gaming would be more productive than this!” and popped Tales of Zestiria into the PS4. Well, it was and I feel great!

A few weeks ago, there’s was this list on Facebook of something like “10+ Regrets Peopke Have”. The one that struck me the most was, “That I’ll never read all of my books.” We spend so much time trying to do what we think we should be doing, but rarely do anything that we want to do. I would’ve died a year ago without knowing how awesome Tales of Zestiria was because of trying so hard to be a responsible adult for people who didn’t view me as a person.

I don’t want the game to end with a bad ending.